The benefits of Natural Soaps

The Benefits of handmade Soap. My soaps are made from natural vegetable oils & butters which makes them perfect for sensitive skin.

In mass produced soaps the natural glycerin ( a wonderful by-product of soap making) is removed to produce a harder longer lasting bar ,but in handmade soaps the glycerin is maintained.

People with sensitive skin find that glycerin is gentle on their complexion.The soap dissolves quickly in water,making it easy to wash off & it doesn´t leave behind a filmy residue as you find in heavier soaps that are made with animal fats.

Those who suffer from skin disorders,such as eczema & psoriasis can help relieve the symptoms by washing with handmade soap.
Most soap makers including myself use natural vegetable oils in their recipes.These oils are more expensive than those used by the large commercial manufacturers,but the resulting soap is superior in texture,moisturising properties & cleaning ability.(The chemicals & detergents used by commercial manufacturers will clean your skin,but they will also remove the natural oils & dry the skin.)The main ingredients used in my "Naturals"collection are Olive oil,Coconut oil, Palm oil (from sustainable ethical sources) & Castor oil.

FAQ....How Long does your soap last?
 Although soap if stored properly will last years.I recommend using within 6 months to fully enjoy the fragrance.Depending on your bathing habits,you can expect a bar to last at least 3 weeks.Please remember to place your soap in a dish that drains so that the air is allowed to circulate around the bar & dry it thoroughly.Most soaps turn into a goopy mess when allowed to sit in a puddle of water after washing.
Some of my customers are still using soap they bought over a month ago.

How can I keep my soap fresh ?

Keep soaps in a dry place to store them.Natural soap will store for years although over time the healing benefits of herbs & fragrance will dissapear so it´s always advisable to use them withing 6 months of purchase.

What do you use to colour your soaps ?

I use only skin safe mineral pigments & Oxides to put colour in my soaps.Most of my soaps are uncoloured & obtain their colour naturaly from the herbs & infusions that go into their making process.

What´s the difference between fragrance oil & Essential oil ?

Essential oils are extracted from roots,flowers,leaves,fruits etc..of various plants found in nature.They are used in aromatherapy,herbal medicine,cosmetics etc... These oils are generally much more expensive than fragrance oil which reflects in the price of the products that they are used in.

A fragrance oil is a combination of synthetic,absolutes,fixatives & essential oils to achieve a fragrance not found in nature ie: your favourite perfume blends & fruits like watermelon,strawberry etc...